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Client Trainings
 Updated  6.27.2022


Beginning July 22nd 2022, clients will incur a charge of $50/person for registration in a Small Group Training. Clients will be invoiced on the next payroll and are eligible for a refund if they cancel within 24 hours prior to the training time/date. These classes are in high demand. If you are unable to attend the training, please submit a cancellation, click here to learn how to unregister.

Upcoming Small Group Trainings

Trainings are limited to 5 seats per topic. Register for a training below!

Can't make it to your training? Click here to learn how to unregister.

iSolved Training


This training will walk you through the four steps to successful payroll processing:
• Payroll Entry
• Preview Payroll
• Audit Reports
• Process Payroll

iSolved Training (1)


This training will provide a high level overview of iSolved covering:
• Employee Management
• Employee Admin Tools
• Company Assets

• Reporting
• Client Management
• Employee Self-Service

iSolved Training-2


This training will outline Employee Self-Service (ESS) log in information and maintenance. We’ll cover:

• Name/Address

• Documents

• Pay History

• W2/ACA/1099 Forms

• Training

• Employee Contacts

• Direct Deposit

• Tax Update Wizard

• Benefit Updates

• Preview the screens your employees have access to and whether these are “view only” or “update” mode (you can customize their access)

These trainings are offered every other Wednesday at 2:00PM EST through July. Please schedule for ONE time slot.

Learn & GFrow


In this training we’ll cover:

• HR Management's functions and responsibilities
• How to customize descriptions for HR screens including topics like certifications, company assets, and more



In this training, we’ll cover:

• Introduction and navigation within our LMS, Learn and Grow
• How to create and upload your own custom content
• How to drive increased engagement, collaboration, and productivity through the LMS



In this training, we’ll cover:

• Performance reviews and how to best use them for greatest impact
• How our system can accommodate your company's own employee rating systems and review topics
• How to create, assign, and complete performance reviews in the system



In this training, we’ll cover:

• Initiating new hire onboarding through to completion.
• Reboarding process with rehired employees
• Offboarding and all steps taken for a resignation or termination of employee.

iSolved Training (15)


This training will be an overview of timecards using iSolved Time. We'll cover:

• Punches
• Hours entered
• Absence & approved time off
• How to edit a timecard to correct missed punches
• The dashboard and how to use it to review time and attendance
• Common reports used to aid in timecard reviewing, editing, and payroll processing
• iSolved Time Report Writer types

iSolved Training (5)


In this training, we'll cover:

• How to see a full review of Leave Accruals including how to override the rate, balance limit, or carryover limit
• Time-Off requests and how employees can do this through ESS
• How to update employee balances on the Accrual History Update screen