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Get Instant Access to Your Earned Wages

Dominion Payroll partners with Zayzoon for Wages On-Demand for our customers.
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Here's why Wages On-Demand may be right for you...

Reduction in employee turnover
Of employees report that Zayzoon reduces their financial stress
Saved annually on
hiring costs
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Zayzoon is simple to use, and available to all.


Today's employees want to access their payroll the same day. Using Zayzoon's Wages On-Demond, employees will instantly access their earned wages before payday to reduce
financial stress with: 
✅ To help employees give a deeper understanding of their finances
✅  Allow employees to access their Wages On-Demand for free with their ZayZoon Card


✅   Turn earned wages into forms of gift cards from major retailers such as CVS, Target, and more


✅  Keep employers engaged with their employees and access to Zayzoon resources
Zayzoon Solutions
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Easy to Use Mobile App

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No Risk to the Employer

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SOC2 Certified/Compliant

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Fully API-integrated with our iSolved Platform

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All Employees have Access to Zayzoon

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Instant Funding to an Employee's Existing Bank Account

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