Performance Management Made Easy

🌟 Reward, Recognize & Engage with Share & Perform 



Capitalize on the opportunity to engage with your employees and increase talent retention with: 

✅ Rewards and recognition features

✅ Multi-directional engagement tools

✅ Performance review templates

✅ Gamification elements

✅ Pulse surveys

✅ Personalizable dashboards

Gain real results!
Using Share & Perform, our clients have experienced: 
Higher Sales Productivity
Greater Profitability
Less Performance Errors

Our platform includes:

360 Feedback Process
360 Feedback Process
Gain feedback from peers, leaders,
and customers
performance reviews
Performance Reviews

Help your organization monitor and report on performance that is tailored to your company's needs

Goal Setting & Performing
Goal-setting and Monitoring
Set goals and track progress for specific groups, individuals, and the company
Job History Records
Job History Records
Employee access to job history records to keep maintain accuracy and accessibility
Nine-Box Technology
Nine-box Technology
Identify the career potential of your employees, and help them grow into leaders and achievers of your company
Personalized Dashboard
A Personalized Dashboard
Access important information when you need it
Performance Checklist (1)