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COVID-19 Resources for Employers
Updated January 15th, 2021


COVID-19 Updates: Dominion Payroll will keep you informed on the latest in compliance issues and ways for your business to survive and thrive

UPDATE! New Consolidated Appropriates Act Program + CARES Act. See Info>>

Upcoming Webinars
January 19th
Stimulus Update: What We Know Now about PPP Second Draw and Changes to the ERC and FFCRA
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January 20th

Inauguration Day Special: A Look Ahead at the Politics & Policies of 2021

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January 21st
Employee Onboarding
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January 26th at 1:00 PM
The "F" Word:
Understanding Your Fiduciary as a 401k Plan Sponsor
Previous Webinars
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• 1/12: Stimulus Update: PPP Second Draw, Employee Retention Credits, & FFCRA Paid Leaves Recording Slides
• 1/5: Stimulus Update: PPP Loans, FFCRA, Unemployment, and More Recording Slides
• 12/30: Second Stimulus Update + Changes to PPP Programs + Employee Tax Credits Recording Slides
• 12/22: Stimulus Update + Creating New Tax Agency Accounts Recording Slides
• 12/08: Stimulus Update, FFCRA Refresher and Reporting in iSolved Recording Slides
• 12/01: Understanding & Correcting Potential Errors on PPP Loan Forgiveness Report Recording Slides
• 11/24: PPP Loan Forgiveness Update Recording
• 11/16: Virginia's New COVID Restrictions Recording Slides
• 11/10: PPP and FFCRA Tax Implications Recording 
• 11/03: PPP Loan Forgiveness from the Lender Perspective Recording Slides
• 10/27: FFCRA/FMLA Refresh and Remote Workers + Taxes Recording  

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• 1/6: Vaccines In the Workplace Recording Slides 

• 12/9: COVID, Your People, and the Winter Ahead Recording Slides

• 10/28: Employee Morale and Engagement Recording

• 10/14: COVID & the ADA Recording Slides

• 9/16: HR Matters: EEOC Edition Recording Slides

• 9/02: HR Matters: Back-to-School Edition Recording Slides

• 8/22: COVID-19 and Your Workforce Recording Slides

• 8/5: HR Q&A Recording Slides

• 8/19: Redesigning  Employee Engagement Strategy Recording  Slides

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