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Boost Form: COVID Campaign 8/20

With our HR service, DP Boost, we’ll help you tackle the new and unfamiliar HR challenges brought on by COVID, including:


COVID Compliance

✅  FFCRA paid leaves

✅   OSHA

✅   VA Workplace Safety Mandates

✅    Unemployment benefits

✅    Furlough best practices 


✅  FMLA and ADA accommodations

✅  Returning to work/working remotely 

✅  Specific personnel issues

✅  Employee relations

✅  Procedures for when an employee is sick

COVID Resources

✅  Sample COVID-19 Communication 

✅  Returning to work templates + letters

✅  Work from home agreements

✅  Recalling from furlough template

✅  Notice of layoff/temporary layoff template


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